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This blog is for appreciation of Tumblr users you think should be noticed for what they do. If they're inspirtation, amazing, strong, ect. to you, just send their link and the reason why they're inspiring, a picture(not necessary) into me, and I'll be sure to check whoever it is out- and do my best to post those people who I think belong on here. Thank you, all, for the support and help.
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Tara Dorgan

This is Tara Dorgan, she is my best friend. She is so funny and strong, which is strange, considering her story. She was molested by her friend and lost all feeling of self control. she was bulimic, lost a lot of weight, and therefor, became unusually unhealthy. she gained weight back, but her teeth are still a little yellow because of all the vomit ): she still cuts herself, but she doesnt do it as often. she is slowly beginning to gain self confidence and is slowly starting to feel like she has control over her life. 

nobody would ever know when you first meet her though. she is so funny and strong, you will never see her cry. but when you ask her, she will tell you her life story, and has the power to give advice to people that are in the same or similar situation.

please share her story

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Sunday Feb 2 @ 05:41pm

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